Tier 5 and ultras/ultrums

Hey Zaj, since it is so much harder to lvl, I was wondering if you would consider allowing tier 5 to take ultras/ultrums at a lower lvl than100 like you did with the lvl reqirements on gear. Also maybe allowing the ancient opal to affect and lower these reqirements. I think this would be very helpful to those tiering and looking to advance their character. Especially with getting elixer tokens upon tiering and also being able to farm these tokens with the hdes. What do you think?

This is a great idea

I brought this up and he was thinking of implementing it.

Any thoughts on this?

I thought Zaj said he was going to make the lvl requirements for ultras like gear so that you could use them at lower lvl and won’t have to wait until lvl 100.

I thought ultras were supposed to be affected by your effective level as well.

to see if any answer