Tier-Ease and Server Patch for May 31th, 2014


With the EXP Penalty getting harder and harder, the grind of tiers causes anyone to ache, but now you can just apply a little Tier-Ease Cream and grind away! Like every good cream sometimes that first application is not very effective, so if its still a little rough you can apply another dose!

Tier-Ease comes in 4 flavors, one for each Tier past T1 including T5 which is unreleased. When you use it it randomly determines its strength and tells you in the message whether things seem a little easier, a lot easier or insanely easier. Using multiple will not extend the buff past 1 hour, however the best dosage will be applied. The way tier-ease works is by reducing the penalty to exp caused by being tiered up. So this stacks with all other exp boosting methods.

Elemental Changes

Elemental stats on weapons and armors have been changed to effect things completely different. There are no longer element procs, instead element is flat damage added to your attacks and is only prevented if the target has element resistances for the element(s) you are hitting with. X grade weapons provide a 5 times boost to the element damage they are attacking with as well. Holy and Dark element provide a 25% boost to elemental damage as well since they have a lower success rate of succeeding and are much rarer.

Changes to debuffs and Tiers

All debuffs have levels implemented into the formulas both for offensive and defensive weights. This however is not balanced with tiers as a T4 level 50 is obviously a much higher level than a level 100 T1. Now for each tier after T1 you gain 25 levels weight for debuff weight rolls. At T4 you gain an additional 25 level weight. This means at T4 level 100 your effective level for debuff rolls is Level 200. This is canceled out though if the attacker and defender are of equal tier. This is just the first step in balancing debuffs. There are more changes coming to make them more fair.

Debuff land rate’s cap has also been reduced from a maximum of 95% down to a maximum of 90% while the minimum chance is staying at 1%.

Other Changes

Site now shows required base stats and levels

Site will show pvp wins and losses in the clan logs

Decreased adena gain from XP Shards due to the largely increased rate of them dropping.

Lindvior’s Breath has been fixed to provide the +5 to all stats at level 30 as it was designed.

The effects of -fix have been modified to teleport monsters instead of the player. This should hopefully optimize the effect to no longer cause lag issues with other players. It also should make updating the mobs a lot cleaner. This may be undone if it doesn’t work as intended.

Fangs of Destiny [S80]'s ability back slash now teleports the target to be facing their back to you. In the past it teleported the player causing the player to have to re-target/re-attack this way will fix that and inconvenience the target instead of the attacker.

Is there any explanation more on the elemental damage change? I have hunted all over aden with cdk and in an elf morph and I don’t see any influx in damage. My weapon has 23 Water on it and with the other items I wear I’d guess its in the 30s.

Also, I’ve always thought the elemental procs were some of the most simple, yet coolest in game. I miss them already :frowning:

Nice update Zaj, thanks!

Allison I’m considering making elemental crits that would bring the procs back, just not as often as they previously were, also with a different damage formula.

As far as how much damage is being added from your weapon with 23 water, it is adding 23 damage if its not X grade. If it is X grade it is adding 115 damage. This damage is negated if the target you are hitting has water resistances.

I’m gonna look into tweaking the formula to have a bit more damage output, but I wanted to start it simple as to ensure that it wasn’t too much right off. I’m also considering the option to make elemental damage more potent with melee weapons to give them a bit of a boost that they deserve.

Oh, ok. I wasn’t sure if the damage was literally 1 per elemental enchant or just 1 amount. I’d never see 23 extra damage, or even 100 for that matter. Was just curious. I don’t think the old elemental procs/damage was very much ever anyway. Just liked the animation.

I’m up for the return of the elemental procs, they looked awesome!