Tier-ease cream

Here is the T4 Tier-ease cream breakdown:
T4 no cream = 7% T1 exp
T4 with low roll = 7.5% T1 exp
T4 with mid roll = 8.5% T1 exp
T4 with high roll = 10% T1 exp

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This information is accurate at the time of this posting :thumbsup:

Also I have fixed all the people who this applied to. There are a couple I have not had the chance to talk to, but I filled in clan members of those people to inform them.

Also I want to add in that T3 with no ream is 10% T1 EXP so with T4 high roll cream its like hunting T3 without it

So is it safe to say then for exp:

T4 High Cream = T3 exp
T3 High Cream = T2 exp
T2 High Cream = T1 exp

I was thinking it would be more then that since it only lasts 1hr, has a chance to do 3 different levels of effectiveness and is consumable.

No, this is not the case, it just happens to be the case in T4 vs T3 because they are so close in exp penalties.

I will try to remember and post the full chart later, when Iā€™m at my workstation.

Any chance of updating this post to show what the effectiveness is of the Tier Ease Creams.

T2 through T4 Low to High.

Minus T4 I guess, since UMF was nice enough to show that one already :smiley:

I would also like to see this updated!