Tip for casting spells / hot key

Hey guys, just a friendly tip for those who commonly use a hotkey… for a spell, potion, whatever it may be.

As a mage I cast v-touch all the time, simultaneously while I melee. To do this I was holding down my scroll wheel on my mouse… This became a pain after a while, and figured there had to be an easier way. Buying a programmable mouse is always an option, but for those of you who want to turn your standard two-button mouse with a scroll wheel into a more effective setup, this solution is for you.

X-Mouse Button Control - by HighResolution Enterprises. It can be located with a google search. It is a free-ware meaning you don’t have to pay anything for it and there are no ads/viruses attached. By running this program, I was able to switch my ‘scroll wheel down’ button with my right click. Now when I attack all I have to do is hold left mouse button for melee and right mouse button for spell casting. Everything else stays the same, and can easily be changed back. Also with this I have found I don’t accidentally scroll up or down and change the hotkey I am trying to engage.

Best of luck!


This is a good option!

But I would suggest to anyone with 35$ to spend to spend it in a gamepad. I prefer nostromo n52. I makes a keyboard obsolete. Very well worth the cash.

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all I can say is excellent!

Allison…is there instructions anywhere to get to work with “a” gamepad?

The gamepad I have came with the drivers and program to run it. After you plug in the gamepad it’ll install the drivers automatically and then install the program for it.

Nostrmo n52 Drivers/Program

After you plug in the gamepad you’ll be able to create profiles that load automatically when the computer starts up.

From there you are given a diagram of the buttons on the gamepad and you can go in and create key macros for what ever your game setup is.

Here’s the default setup. Each key can be programmed to so something different.

You can record what you want it to do which i feel is easiest, or you can Insert keys directly.

Here’s the macro for the middle mouse button. The way that’s setup all you have to do is hold down a key on your gamepad and it’ll keep doing the middle mouse button while it’s being held.

Anything you can type into your keyboard can be put into a macro. It really makes switching between F1-F3 keys simpler and if you’re lazy like me it’ll type -freecrack or your game login in just 1 key stroke :smiley:

If you end up getting a nostromo n52 and have any questions on it feel free to bug me in game. Always willing to help out :wink:

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I have mines mapped out onto my logitech G keys and roccat mouse keys. Although Nostromo is an interesting gadget.