Tip for new players - Codex and Daily Instances

There have been a number of new players over the last few weeks. Many ask advice on equipment, leveling, stats, etc, but this is one thing many experienced players will agree with, getting a Codex is a must.

Here are some screenshots regarding the Codex. If you click the gold scroll button above the exp % bar, you will see that all of the instances have Use Pass / Incomplete on the Codex Lite window. You are not able to click on the instances without purchasing passes, or you must walk to wherever the instance is initiated.

Codex Lit - Without Codex

When you click on the GC coin button on the right of the UI and select the Instance NPC, you will see Codex at the top for 200gc. If you do not purchase a Codex, you can access the instances from Codex lite using Page of Time; however, it gets expensive to keep buying from here or on AH.

GC Instance NPC items

Once you buy the Codex from Instance NPC Yates, it will bind to the character once you double click it. Until you double click it, it is tradeable.

Double click the Codex on the character you want it to bind to. Click the golden scroll button, and you will now see a change to the Codex Lite when you click the gold scroll button.

Now the Codex Lite changes and allows you to immediately select incomplete daily/event instances from almost anyplace in Aden rather than traveling to points in Aden where the instances are started or buying pages. Also, it allows you to go to the event instances that are opened up by Zajako throughout the year.

If you have not picked one up yet and have some GC, I strongly suggest you get one. It will more than pay for itself. If you don’t have 200gc, well, go donate and pick one up.


Thank you so much for this post! New player here.