TOI Boss Suggestion

Would it be possible to add the cloak crafting components to the TOI boss drop list. Let each floor boss drop designated crafting component. Maybe 1-5 of them at a 50% or 100% rate. It’s pretty absurd how long it takes to craft a cloak. And maybe Lich drops reaper blood since there is no cloak component on 81-90f

For example. I spent 45 minutes on 40f TOI yesterday to get skeleton bones and in that time i killed nearly 2000 monsters and got 0 bones. A BIG problem with skeleton bones is that only Skeleton Fighters drop them and they ONLY spawn w/ 2 other spartoi. If any of those 2 spartoi bury and aren’t killed the Skeleton Fighter will not respawn. That leads you to walking around the entire time using the spell detect…again annoying and tedious…

Another example. Spent 40 minutes on 30f TOI yesterday killing demons and what not, it took me that entire time to get 5 horns, which isn’t terrible, but again i had killed over 2200 monsters.

Now had i been a new person at this game trying to craft a cloak i’d prob quit trying. It would take a new person all day long to kill as many monsters as i had.