Tower of Insolence Floors

Here is a compressed file I mad containing the maps for TOI floors 1-100 in .JPG format.

I just keep them on a tablet or laptop next to me and swipe through them for reference until i memorize them again

Hope this helps someone


Is there any chance you could repost a fresh link? This one is dead and the Map section on the site isn’t quite working for me. Thanks :smiley:

I think I have all of them downloaded. I can put it on Dropbox or something for you, but prob not till tomorrow

let me know if that works for you. if not, i can just email them. its 100 jpg files about 17mb total.

Ohhh My Gawrsh! This is perfect! I use dual screens because I use this same computer for my work so these maps on the side screen means I can finally try TOI Bosses <3!!!