Tower of Insolence Warrior Badge

How do you acquire a warrior badge? I’ve searched the site and these forums but couldn’t find any info on it.

a few were dropped from old events

I’ll be putting them into the game via a quest when the top 10 floors of TOI are ready for actual release

couldn’t they just be put in now to give the people who have NEVER killed reaper king get a chance to kill it? its been killed by the same group of people since i started this server 3-4 yr ago. and its been asked for a way to get to kill reaper king for at least 2 years.

or just put 91f charm on Lich King. That seems easy enough. Plus it’d give people a new reason to kill Lich since its Robe isn’t that good of a drop anymore.

They could, however, then I’d have a mess of items to clean up/destroy and a lot more work to do when I do go to release the new floors. There will be a new Reaper King released then too.

I take it this update never happened. Warrior badge says you cannot use it.

I have used mine recently and it works if you go to the correct location

Where is the correct location?

The big head on lich floor

I tried a bunch of areas on 90f but not there. Thanks.