Trade Ultra Elixir with 15 levels

Hi all,

I have some questions about trading 15 levels for the Ultra Elixir.

I am currently at T1 Reaper.
I am wondering if it’s worthy if I trade 15 levels for the Ultra once I hit level 115.
I will get all the level up stats by hitting level 115, and since I am going to turn back to Level 51 anyway when I turn into T2, so I am wondering if it’s a good idea to trade it for the Ultra.

If I do trade, what would I lose? Will I lose the HP gains from the 15 level that I lose?
I just figure that maybe I could get an extra Ultra Elixir without losing any advantage.

Thanks in advance!

I just read the info in the game.
It requires 15 levels of Tier 3 so my attempt would not work lol…

It doesn’t work any more for ANY tier. The only way to get them now is from tiering and reapering to get tokens or trading 1000 HDES charges. It’s kinda lame that even t4 you can’t change it. There was only 1 person in the game that got 115 while being t4 to trade them. So it’s not like it’s even that easy to do. It should be an option tho along with the 1000 HDES.

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I see. Thanks for clarification.