Transmat Set Bug

I have been having issues with transmat set since I got it (traded for Transmat Costume 2017). I mentioned once that the cloak was not always getting the boost from essence. Well, I have confirmed it. Right now, for me, the cloak usually doesn’t get the boost until you use a second essence. I end up not getting 11 points for each of my stats until I use a second essence. I have screen shots of my stats after the first essence, when essence wears off and after the second essence if you need them. This is a royal pain. Please look into it.

I will look into it. It should be no different than the rest of the costume items, so it is very strange that it is happening.

Thanks. Last two times I used essence before equipping gear and it did not happen. Could be a coincidence though. I’ll try to keep track it and let you know how it goes.

Can’t seem to tie it to anything in particular. Sometimes it happens when I use essence a second time. The cloak loses it boost even though it had it with the first essence. Restarting only works sometimes to get the boost back. However, unequipping and reequipping the cloak seems to get the boost back all of the time and it’s quick. I can live with that.