UI Changes, Gift Coin Shop & Codex

UI Changes

New Codex of Time Button in the UI. When you click it it will open the codex lite unless you have applied a codex of time to your character. See more details about the codex changes below! Also you will note that the “?” icon that was broken is no longer there!!

There is a new icon in the bottom right of the screen that will open up the Gift Coin Traders list. This list will be spiced up to look way better in the near future, but it allows you to open up the trade lists and spend your GC from anywhere, rather than having to goto -shop. This replaces the GiftMaster’s Link item and is free for all to use. If you have a GiftMaster’s Link, you can double click it to get your GC back for it as well as a bonus 10GC to thank you for supporting the server and helping beta test this feature!

A new instance timer that shows how many hours/minutes you have remaining in an instance has been added. This timer will move out of the way of your buffs so it always looks good!

Codex Changes
First and foremost, the codex of time is no longer something you keep in your inventory. Simply double click the codex of time to apply it to your character. From that point on and forever, this character will have access to the full codex of time by pressing the codex button in the lower left part of the screen. (the scroll icon, if you don’t see it, run updates and repair)

Second, if you don’t have the codex of time, you’ll still have access to the lite version when you click on the codex button. But that’s not all! It is now possible for the gm to enable codex of time events! This will allow even those who have not used a codex of time on their character to get to test out the full version!!

Finally in the near future, there will be a new type of codex released that will be codex pages. These codex pages allow those who don’t own the full codex of time to use the codex for a certain number of times! These will make the codex more affordable for those who can’t or won’t invest the full price of the full codex.

Also related to codexs is the change in price for refreshing single instances. The event for these are over they are now different gc costs each. So make sure you read how much it says when you click the difficulty button to do it after it says completed!

Underworld Daily Instance Changes
The 3 new daily instances have had the way they deliver the HDES charges changed. They now directly apply the charges(levels) to your HDES, so make sure its in your inventory or equipped if its the Third Phase. They also have the values changed as to how many charges are given to you for completing it based on difficulty.
Easy has been increased to 2 charges
Normal has been decreased to 4 charges
Hard has been decreased to 8 charges
Extreme has been decreased to 12 charges
Again these are applied directly to your HDES instead of as stones that you can manually apply. If you do not have a HDES in your inventory to apply them to, it will not give you any charges.

Other Changes
All Instance pass prices have been shifted and scaled and match the codex refreshing for the group via UsePass.

Clan Recommendation system is nearly ready to be released, this patch includes a lot of fixes for stuff that isn’t quite ready to be revealed!

OK. Just did the event instance that was recently added with Psy and Party mops using the Scroll UI icon. Got 0 exp, 0 sxp, 0 drops and boxes never appeared with all mops were killed.

Not sure that is intended functionality.

Decided to log off. Don’t want to do any more dailies and have them not work. I clicked the Map button on the bottom right and caused my game to crash. This was after running the update.exe application.



Never mind editing this post.

These bugs were fixed about an hour after you logged off sam. I was out of town so wasnt able to fix it.

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