Upcoming Donation Event Grand Prize Weapons

New Dragon weapons in the works:

Antharas’ Spine Thrower - Crossbow -

Antharas’ Tail Spike - Polearm -

Antharas’ Twin Slicers - Edo -

Antharas’ Quill - Dagger -

Antharas’ Claw Axe - Blunt -

Antharas’ Wand - Staff -

Figured I’d give you guys a preview of them before I get them in the database


Just to share info with other players that weren’t online, it sounds like these will be very similar to the valakas weapons already in game. Fire elemental will be replaced with earth elemental. And zaj said he might put a defensive boost / debuff proc on them.


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Similar in nature is what I said. It will be beneficial to have both valakas and antharas weapons.

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I want the Edos for sure :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Crossbow is finished, updated the first post.

When is the next draw for donation event?

August 1st and it includes all donations from March 1st - July 31

LOL!! Yes, ideally we would all love both weapons. Everyone would be happy with 1, sadly most will end up with 0. :joy::rofl::laughing:

How do the stats hold up vs Vala Xbow? Procs? For those with experience

It’s 1 handed for a start

Antharas’ Quill - X has been updated with this patch. It went from an S80 to X grade and has massive increases to stats and damage.

I’ve updated the first post with a link to it.

2 down, 4 to go!

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Nicccccce! That dagger was pretty OP to begin with, now it’ll be a pvp machine! Is the one currently on server reset back to lvl 1?

If anyone wanted a comparison :wink:

The existing one hit like a wet noodle

Dear Zaj, I’ll love you long time if you add pouches to donation event prizes :grimacing:

No the only one that was on the server Skeleton won many years ago, it was never leveled to 30 though because he hated it and said it was too weak.

I did not reset it to level 1, nor do I have plans to.

Revised, I’ll consider it :slight_smile:

Something needs to differentiate the grand prize weapon from the event dragon weapons (if players get to use them again) besides requiring SXP to level the weapon, and needing to use x shots, and x scrolls to enchant.

The point I’m making is, unless I’m missing something, there’s no advantage to using a dragon weapon (x version) over the event Weapon (NG), besides requiring an essence

The reason they are not differentiated is due to the fact that the Event ones are used to test so the grand prize winner can know which one he/she wants to win.

I understand your concern but after legendary raids are in full swing, the essences will no longer be obtainable with GC and will require mats from beating legendary raids

Skeleton didn’t win the weapon. Someone else did and he traded or bought it for GC. And it’s lvl 30 and highly enchanted. He used to brag it all the time. And it was great in pvp cuz it debuffs like a mofo. Soooo…

I think that’s a lot of work for the grand prize winner to go thru. Suggesting they buy all 6 weapons and make them 30/enchanted just so they don’t feel screwed over if choosing the wrong weapon? Couldn’t the grand prize winner get all 6 event weapons for free enchanted then choose, then have them removed?

Don’t get me wrong, I like using the event weapons. NG is the bomb dot com.

Also, any hint at the difficulty of crafting dragon essence after raids are in? And will it be something that each participant in the raid can craft at a 100% rate? Or will the raid only drop portions of the crafting resulting in it taking a very long time or a very generous (laughable) hunting party

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You’re right skeleton didn’t win the prize directly, however it is NOT level 30.

It was only +63 (which for s80 weapons at the time, isn’t crazy high enchanted) and it is level 22. He did have it at 30 before, but in over-enchanting it it deleveled much lower.

I did however set the existing quill to +8 which I feel is about the equivalent X enchant level for +63

Also that was a long time ago about the debuffs thing, its not likely to work so well now, but we’ll see.

As for the “work” for the grand prize winner, you’re taking it too literally. Keep in mind, that the Grand prize winner is likely gonna be only interested in one or two weapons in the first place, as they will likely go with the type of weapon their class typically uses. Additionally other players will have other weapons and be testing them so they will get the feedback of how each weapon works and can help them decide.

As for the crafting recipe and details for the essence, I have not fully decided. I don’t plan to make it laughably hard to craft mats wise, however just tackling the legendary raid in the first place will require a good sized team who can work together and beat it, that alone is hard enough.