Update for May 21 2014

New Item

Mia’s Magic Doll - New Doll to celebrate the birth of Zajako’s second daughter Amelia (nick name Mia). The doll adds +2 to all base stats, +10% sxp gained, bonus to luck and can proc to give a flat boost of 50 exp while hunting.

Updated Items

Captain’s Guarder [S80] - Small/Large and Dmg bonus amounts added to the weapon based on guarder level. Passive 25% increase to damage added to for non Bow/Gauntlet weapons.

Golden Cubic and Vitality Cubic rewards have been updated.

Ellie’s Magic Doll has had +1 dex added to it.

Shirt Enchantment Scrolls have gained a bonus success rate of +6 as well as having the penalties to enchantments reduced at higher enchant rates.

XP Shards have had their drop rates greatly increased for ancient monsters as well as skaro monsters.

X grade Hunting Rewards

The rates of obtaining higher valued x mats from turning in Ancient Totems and gambling at the Sea Merchant have been greatly increased.

When obtaining Material Tokens from all 3 X grade gamblers the you can randomly get between 1 and 10 tokens rather than just 1.

Bug Fix

The lag caused by AOE spells no longer should happen as the random values generated have been reduced to 1 per monster rather than up to 5 per monster.

Were the Blessed Shirt Enchantment Scrolls given +6 success rate or just the normal Shirt Enchantment Scrolls?

All shirt enchantment scrolls receive this bonus

Was the intention of the “Golden Cubic and Vitality Cubic rewards have been updated.” to make them worthless? All the X mats have vanished. I was hoping you were going to update Onyx mats to make them more frequent, but I guess that was just a dream.

Shots Spirit/Soul - Junk
3 X lites - Junk
2 X med - Junk
1 X Full - Junk
Savior Beads - Junk
Eye of Enemy Health - Junk

Do the cubes even drop ANY x mats anymore? Cuz as of right now in game that’s pretty much the only feasible way to get any X armors (besides winning the donation event…haha). The mops that drop any X mats have such a low chance its not even worth hunting the mats…and this update to the cubes won’t change that.

First off, the golden cubic still gives x mats, in fact it gives onyx mats as well. the rate that the x mats are given were not decreased either.

Vitality cubic on the other hand did have its rewards greatly reduced. Considering vitality cubics are something you gain simply from being online, the reward factor of it should be considered anything it gives is better than nothing.

Anyways, the contents of the cubics were always made clear that they are to be changed regularly. So even if I removed all X mats from it, that does not mean they won’t come back at some point. As far as X mats being unobtainable from hunting, that is completely off base now, if you look at the rest of the patch notes you’d see that by turning in the gamble quest items the X mats rate have been greatly increased. On top of that, the rate at getting mat tokens to buy other mats has been increased from only 1 per, to up to 10 per. This means it is much easier to get x mats through normal means.

Well, I’ll just be glad my 2 other friends and myself were able to craft 1 X gear since the vit cubes were implemented in game. I just don’t foresee the 3 of us making any more via crafting. Its good to hear that the X mats were increased from turning in evil relics & ancient orc totems (i assume that’s what gamble quest items are). And from what I saw the NPC Sea Merchant only sells 1 type per X armor, that 20 X mat item.

Also, I never knew that vit cubes would change regularly good to know that now. I never knew they had changed since they were put in game. I seem to have gotten the same items from them since the beginning.

Anyway good to see some updates. That Guarder looks pretty insane now.

They have both changed at least 5-6 times. When released it was posted that they would change once per month, however, the past 6 months I have not changed them.

The sea merchant also provides a gambling of mats very similar to the evil relics and ancient totems.