Use of elemental love wands in towns and deaths to the non users of wands

Recently my characters have been frequently killed in town through other players’ use of elemental love wands in the safe area of town. My characters were NOT away from keyboard. They were in town to buy, sell, or get or place items in storage. So far the deaths happened under freedeath, so the the issue is not as grave and annoying as if the deaths caused loss of experience in addition to all that a restart entails. Can you somehow prevent the use of wands in safe zones, especially in towns? Especially when freedeath is not on?

There was already a post about this.

Well not wands but bringing mobs to towns.

If you’re lucky and Skeleton fancies you he’ll summon wand mops and use up your beads. But only if you’re lucky like me!

Not to be a dick but I’ll tell you the same thing I told an old bp member that had that shit happen a few times.
If your dumb enough to afk with beads on you deserve it, ask the people who afk’d in skt when Zaj suddenly had the urge to do a spawn event there.

The best idea is to afk in -shop. If you are going to use storage for long periods of time, use the shop NPCs I recommend a town that is not frequented by wands. I have seen many different people use wands to kill people in town, I myself have done it but only when my target is alone and no innocent players are near. I have seen and heard all levels of players doing this ranging from noobs that dont know better, “Capwne” aka Hilk and I’m sure Skeleton has let a few lose that killed innocent bystanders. Zaj wont change the way wands work, he has too many other things on his plate and changing wands wont be at the top of his list. He has said a few times its better to not afk in SKT. He has no problem summoning bosses to kill people there, so best not to expect a change cus other people do the same.

Just go to -shop when you want to be AFK. As for getting killed while being not AFK in town, that sucks!

Oh, I don’t really care about the beads. I just find it pathetic that skeleton would travel from town to town to find someone he likes then laugh while beads are going off (which I saw in my chat after I maximized game again)

Astra , thanks for your comment and I do hope you were lucid when you wrote it. Because you used wands in town and killed my character when he was not afk and was storing items.

Stop your whining… waaaa I got killed in town booohoooo get the fuck over it.

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When you stop being an annoying sociopath I will get the fuck over it. Also look up what “whine” means. “Whining” does not mean making a comment as I did in this post. But since you do have a peculiar sensibility and do have a warped ego I can understand why you are driven to write as you write, speak as you speak, play as you play. This understanding does not mitigate my disdain in your regard.

Zajako has stated many times that the only safe place in the game is -shop. Quit your crying about people killing you.

Dont like it dont play.

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I like how Tambini pulls a bunch of words out of a thesaurus without consideration to whether they apply in the cases that he uses them. “Peculiar sensibility” lol

@Tambini here’s the Webster dictionary definition of whine:

Right at the top there, “to complain in an annoying way.” Yup, you’re a whiner.

Dear W. Ford I am pleasantly surprised you have access to a dictionary and can read. You might also want to look up the meaning of “sociopath”, “anti-social” , “puerile”, “inane”, words that I use, without going to reference works, to describe you. And if I bother you with the truth go play some game elsewhere. All further communication between us is closed. Your peculiar personality is pathological and not funny at all.

I would like to know what truth you speak of… The fact I have no time for loser retards? Oh Right. How long did it take you to write that reply? How much time did you spend on looking up what it was you wanted to attempt to say to me here? Do you think calling me by my last name has some sort of effect on me? Do you think that by using such tactics in attempting to “best me” or whatever it is you are attempting to do in your obsession with me is in any way shape or form making me feel vulnerable or has any effect? I have publicly posted my first and last name including my home address in global chat more then once and could really honestly care less.
You seem to think I am a Sociopath however do you truly know what a Sociopath is? Do you know the difference between a Sociopath and just a very blunt no bull shit person? obviously not.

Time for you to go back to school.

As for my being funny… I think I am very funny so do others, You just seem to lack a sense of humor… That is not my issue. ITS YOURS.

Oh And Tambini / Scaler, One other thing. Its been proven time over and over and over that you are one of the biggest shit talking mofos on the server. Just to clear that up.

I think you’re funny, Wess, for the record.

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LOL Thanks bro :slight_smile: I try

I think you are just sad that you are not Turtley enough for the Turtle club.