V4 Official Known Issues and Fixed List

First, I want to make it clear, this is not the full list, just the current list i’m working with. It also will be updated often.

Second, if you see an issue thats not on this list, you may reply to the topic, however if its already posted elsewhere, it will likely end up here anyways.

Known Issues

Some animations are bugged and show stats and other things

Balloon doesn’t work

bookmarks crash after clicking something in the drop down

Fixes Pending a Restart

Working as Intended or as Limited by the client
Cannot cast heal spells while auto attacking
(This is part of the new client something I cannot control, it is a downside to the auto attack system however, you can heal with innate potions and there may be innate heal skills added to the game at a later date. Innate potions can be set up by putting them in the Auto Potions window accessed from the Action Window)

“COP doesn’t offer 2 min immune. It is 32s”
COP does last the full amount of time of 5 minutes, however the icon goes away after 32 seconds like it always did on the old client. You can see how much time you have left for it by typing -bufflist

Issues with the fixes already Live
Event Instance Pass does not clear the new instance when you use it from your inventory, but it does when you use it via a codex

Account already exists bug happening after dying and clicking restart and exiting the game.

Custom AOE spells don’t work

chain stunning from monsters most notably in valakas’ lair

eye of ra ring can’t enchant (new safe enchant of 3 applied after restart)

Links for npcs require you to scoot closer to the npc
(after the restart you’ll be able to do the links within 5 cells which is should be the farthest the window can pop up)

Clan Chat Permissions not being given to normal members

Clan Storage Permissions not being given to members causing it to say you must have a title to store items to the clan warehouse.

Can’t Store Vitality coins to warehouse

Items in the inventory all look blessed if ID’d

After running update the bloodpledge options list comes back to non clan leaders.

Walking is allowed through monsters, players and npcs

Restarting during combat is allowed when it shouldn’t be

Meager Innate Potion is bugged icon (all meager potions will have new icons that match the other innate icons)

Friends List Crashing

This is what I have been able to gather from my experiences and other players.

-Clan chat not working (alli chat is)

-Items have Dummy 133305 in extended description

-Clan storage possible ties into new clan menu accessible through /pledge. This may be the reason members are unable to store items into the clan/bp warehouse. Seems game is not getting permission from web clan permissions.

-Deleting multiple items is buggy

  • holy walk is not stacking

  • npc sabin in oren has no text. sabin-e.html file not found error

COP doesn’t offer 2 min immune. It is 32s
eye of ra ring can’t enchant

Crystal’s of Protection used to be 5 min

You can get npc’s to pop up dialogue from far away but can ony interact with npc when close.

Possible solution is to lower the activation range of the npc to 3 cells

i think this is a bug, not sure if i saw it listed anywhere :smile:

if you un-equip and re-equip your bow of love and lucky belt it will get rid of the extra spells.

Thats a temporary fix solution i’ll, fix the actual cause of it when I get a chance.

What do the clovers do? When I double click I am prompted to select a target, usually myself, and the spell counter counts down. Does this increase luck or give some other effect? What is the duration?

typing /pledge brings up your clan/pledge info but it doesn’t show people online that actually are in your clan/pledge.

Not sure if this is just me.

Accidentally venzed from an Instance, and when I click to go back in (not sure if I could) game crashes.
Happened a few times.

-Storing Items in inventory from too far doesn’t work.
-Standing to far from Pandora and you can’t buy/sell items
-Deleting items that have multiples in their stack doesn’t work
-Dropping items on ground only drops 1 stack at a time if there are multiples
-Cupid’s Love still dupes itself and still is in inventory from Pearl Bow
-Lucky from luck belt still dupes itself and is still in inventory from luck belt
-Horse morph is slow, black knight morph is slow, bapho/beleth morph are slow
-/pledge doesn’t show members that are online
-Wisdom Potions last 11596 seconds
-/bookmark favorites don’t save

Pledge and clan storage is not allowing clan members to store items in warehouse permissions checked on website.

When in the bar the Functions key are not working.

There is no class specific perk for dark elves like other classes. (I.e. No dark elf specific buff or spell)
All classes recieve all dark elf buffs.
Elf (line spells, nb etc)
Knight (knight spells)
Mage (mage spells, ith)
Royal (royal buffs etc)
Dark elf (nothing special, really?)

Where I can see Permissions clans on the web, and how can I give them a clan member ?

On the website login with the account of your royal leader, goto options and change your display name to the royal.
Then click Clan > Clan Manager and the bottom half of the members tab shows the permission groups and allows you to add and edit them.

DE bonus used to be a Kaiser Weapon … they should get some wicked weapon here too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There 2 very good X grade DE weapons a claw and a edo