Valakas Bow is broken - Tested and confirmed

The post on dragon weapons, specifically the bow, states:

“Soul of Dragon buff can proc which polymorphs your character into the ultimate bow morph
This bow morph increases damage the farther away you are from the target.”

I have not been noticing any difference in damage the farther I am from target… this is with the special polymorph and using the bow under valakas essence settings.

I did 10 rounds of damage on the dummy on 3 different ranges (close, medium, far). Below are results

Edit - These numbers below are not single hits. They are DPS averages the dummy displays every 10 seconds. So in this test there were literally hundreds if not thousands of hits at each range.

1 Cell Away Dmg : (7136 avg)
6856, 6604, 6744, 7127, 7431, 7008, 7725, 6975, 7650, 7245 (all dps)

6 Cells Away Dmg: (6962 avg)
7053, 7341, 7188, 7210, 5550, 7074, 7386, 6779, 6431, 7613 (all dps)

14 Cells Away Dmg: (max) (7164 avg)
6508, 7270, 7420, 7920, 6690, 7176, 7201, 7470, 7261, 6734 (all dps)

Zaj, the bow is not working properly. Can you please address and fill us in so we know what to expect from this.



Yeah it’s turned off now. If you unequip it you need essences. So I can’t check

I have had the same results with the bow. Valakas essence only lasts 1 hour also, instead of 3 hours like the item description says. Makes a big difference whether id buy one or not.

It’s been 10 days since original post… can we can an update on the bow not working? also the essences lasting 1hr versus 3 hours.

I’ll take a look into both issues.


Both issues are fixed with the next restart.

Just to share info with other players, server was informed that the bow will do 2x damage at max range, with a lower multiple at closer ranges.

Also the valakas essence (as well as nightmare essence) will now last through happy buff. And Vala will last 3 hours.

It only has that effect while the poly is active.