Valakas essence and Vala event weapons

How does Valakas essence work regarding the Valakas event weapons? Does it have to be consumed or do you just need to be holding it? Is it a one time use, or is it effective permanently? There isn’t any info on this at all. Crazy hard to obtain but I hate to assume anything. Info on this would be greatly appreciated.

The dragon event weapons are currently active for this event so you don’t need essence. In January, once the event is over, the weapons will lose their current stats and you will need the essence to give them a temporary boost. It’s similar to other event weapons that can be boosted by buying essence of nightmare from vendor in Valhalla (-shop) area. I beliive the nightmare essence lasts one hour, not sure how long the Vlal essence lasts.

Ty, Im hoping for a confirmation from Zaj on exactly how the essences will work being that they take 100 VALA BOTLES to create!!! LOL. Its hard for most to even get 10 bottles to make the gear. I hope it will be worth while for the time, effort, and adena/gc.

If it takes 100 vala bottles to create then may it’s how you convert the event dragon weapons to the real thing. I know Zaj said he was going to come up with a way to do it. Maybe that’s it.

Pretty sure 100 bottles is just a placeholder price not the real thing. As far as I know vala essence works the same as nightmare essence, 1hr boost but just for the dragon weapons.

I realy hope its not a place holder, I bought a Vala essence from the ah for alot of gc going off of the description on the website. That would be unbelievably f’d up.

Well seems like you are shit out of luck then because from what i’ve been told it’s definitely not an item to upgrade event weapon to permanent weapon it just works like nightmare essence, would expect the price to be more like 1 bottle if even that


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Any clarification on this, Zaj?

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Valakas Essence are consumables that last for 3 hours. The real recipe will not be 100 bottles. In fact that crafting option is likely to be removed and instead placed with a different npc inside the Legendary Valakas Raid.

I’m not sure what description on the website you read that made it sound like a permanent item, but the Library itself labels it as a Potion item:

I see, ok. I was going by the Crafting/Quest Information list in the center of that link you just provided. It states you need 100 Valakas bottles and 10000000@, so I figured it was going to be worth something big time. My mistake. Next time I will wait until things are officially released before I make any moves. You might want to remove the crafting info from that page so another unsuspecting player doesnt fall into that same hole, being that someone is selling a Valakas essence in the ah cor 100000gc.