Valakas Wheel Event!

#Valakas Wheel Details
A new wheel that costs gift coins to spin has been released. This wheel costs 1 Gift Coin or 1 Free Spin. Each section of the wheel has an equal random chance to be landed on. When you spin it you can land on one of 3 different types of sections.

Valakas Marks - These are the Valakas Shop currency. There are sections of the wheel that provide 50, 100, 150, 200 and 500 Valakas Marks.

Valakas Chest - These chests can be opened via the Valakas Chest game. There is only one section of the wheel that can provide 1 chest.

Valakas Attack - Landing on this panel will cause you to lose the spin as Valakas Attacks and takes your reward.

#Valakas Chest Details
This is a new mini game where you can open the chests that you win in the Valakas Wheel. To play it you must select a character who has enough inventory space. When you click on a character portrait at the bottom it will show the name and the inventory spaces on the upper left portion of the game. Then just simply click on the chest to open it. This will allow you to win a wide variety of prizes, and the overall value of them are generally much higher than what can be obtained from previous Gift Coin wheels. Here is a preview of what you can win:

#Valakas Shop Details
This is a new shop that has an inventory that swaps every hour and after people purchase a non persistant item. You can shop for these items using the Valakas Marks obtained from the new Valakas Wheel.

I check the Val store constantly, but has anyone seen the Might Ammy? I have seen every other but not Might.

Just thought I would ask. I have been saving my Val points for one.

So is the Might Ammy on the list? I haven’t seen it once, and I’ve been a bit obsessive looking at the store. Only have seen the others, just not Might.

I know that might ammy was on the list because I got one but there was only 2 available unless the inventory was re-supplied and I don’t know if that happens.

I like the Valakas Wheel and Valakas Shop, but after this “fix” to randomize the cost of items it’s gotten even more unrealistic that it was w/ the “lowest cost”.

Almost every item on the shop, even when it was lowest price was absurdly priced. Some things, like Accelerated Elixirs were 1/5 the cost of a Element Crystal. Essentially making a, for example, Water Crystal worth 1 Billion Adena. And people sell them in game for roughly 50 million Adena. Another thing are the elemental stones, those are easily 1gc/5m max and they were in the Valakas Shop for 5-10x that.

If the objective was to get people to click on the Valakas shop each time it refreshed that fine and dandy, but now the prices are just all over the place. And from what I’ve been told the original pricing was the “lowest cost” available. It would be nice to see items go WAAAAAAAY below that so some people can “get a good deal” and not just an arbitrarily priced item.

Hell if you wanted to, put a couple paid banner ads on the Valakas Shop page, that way when people frequently check it you could earn some revenue on the clicks received.

Advertisements don’t work the way you think they do. It would take a much much much larger player base to make any kind of money off of a banner ad.

How are the amount ranges determined by? Curious as it doesn’t seem to be reasonable compared to AH. I know you mentioned they are not based upon AH, so I wondered if it was just arbitrary?