Valentines' Weapons

Just a thought to add something to these weapons.

Pearl Bow of Love [2013][S] (Blessed)
lv30 Eden’s Intellect

Onyx Bow of Love [2013][S] (Blessed)
lv 30 (a +5 Dex Buff)

Besides Vampire Rage 1/2 and Mana Steal 1/2 there are no procs on this weapon. I know people would appreciate something added to them.

Most of the s80 weapons that people use have been revised since they were 1st created to have procs/buffs added till lv 30.

Not sure if this will ever happen, but an idea to think about.

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Except those are event weapons and already quite strong. On top of that those are S-grades that were originally NG to put that in perspective EPS is NG and has no procs after lvl 20.

The bows were NG for like 6 months. Yes granted they are S and not s80 so shots are quite cheaper, but that’s still a bummer to see nothing after lv 25. I’d be even more bummed about EPS since it has nothing after 20. EPS at least has para on mops as a proc.

I guess I’d just like to see some of the older items/hunting areas re-worked instead of always adding new content, sometimes for nil.

I haven’t lvled my SoE to 30 yet, so I’m not sure how often it even proc’s Eden’s Intellect. Maybe its not even often enough to want. (like the lvl 15 Pearl/Onyx Bow proc)

Though I’m not him and therefor cannot speak from him I can say that from my conversations with him it sounds like he does not plan on going back and reworking any items. Too much of a “If I do one I have to do them all or people will complain” kind of problem.

I once heard Zaj telling someone that those bows wont be getting anymore procs as they are event weapons.