Wasteland Monsters

Why aren’t the skeleton and skeleton archers in wasteland able to be Turn Undead? I mean…they are undead after all.

Also, any chance on Ancient Totems, Evil Relics and Ancient Coins being changed? The fact that they give more Material Requisition tokens is nice and all, but the odds of getting X-Mats its shit.

Another note, any chance on X-Mats getting dropped more…A LOT MORE? People would like to be able to craft them still. (and not take 10 years to craft 1 piece)


-fog of sleeping fix?
-are event mops purposely not allowed to be debuffed?

I think the Xmats are hard to get for a reason and should stay that way… why make it easier for people when all the other people had to go through hell to get them?? because a few newbie people dont want to put in the effort like everybody else had to?? seriously now… look at what you are asking…

Yes it sucks gathering the mats, yes it is hard to do… but that is the point and if it were changed it would not be fair to the people who have put in MONTHS or YEARS into getting the things they have just for newbies to come to the server and get it 4 times faster because somebody had to cry about how hard it is,…


The ONLY way to get xgears is to win donation event now. Even the people that made them before when vit cubes gave xmats had dozens of accounts AND bought a shit load (roughly 1/3rd) of the mats, and yes I’m speaking from experience. 3 people multiple accts and made 1 boot T_T. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to hunt to craft an xarmor. Impossible.

Not sure what newbies you are referring to since I’m the only person that ever brings this up.

Every successful TU on those mops cuts their health down by a fraction. I think it takes 4 or 5 turns to kill one.

I think just like Alllison, it used to be much more easier before than it is now. And Allison isn’t the only one complaining about this, Ronald did as well.

Yeah, spells got nerfed across the board a few months ago.

Only zombies can get TU, the other undead mops aren’t able to be TU in wastelans