Weak Elixirs - Idiot mistake on my part - Warning to Noobs

Hi Folks,

It turns out I made a stupid mistake. I levelled to 100 and had been saving my level up stat points for a few levels to make sure I could get 20 in each stat so I can get on Zaj kit. the theory being I get to 100, use weak elixirs to get my stats to 18 then use the saved level up stats to get to 20. My Pledge had Elixirs and Kit ready to be used :slight_smile:

Stupidly I assumed, once I was level 100 a box would be ticked somewhere in a database which would allow me to use the Weak Elixirs. I wanted to crack on and get to the reaper state asap, so I didn’t wait around for any of my pledge to come online to grab the items out of store before I took the plunge and charged the weapon and turned reaper.

It would now appear I am unable to use the elixirs because I’m no longer level 100!

Had I known that turning Reaper would remove my ability to use the elixirs I would of waited for my pledge to come online and I would of sorted things out properly before I took the plunge.

So Noobs, Please take heed from my foolish mistake, to use elixers your level must be 100 or higher. Being Reaper does not in fact get classed as being Higher as I assumed it would have.

Time to re-level to 100 again.

Zajako If you are feeling in a generous mood and fancy editing the weak elixirs to be usable once level 100 has been reached and from that point on, I would be hugely grateful (and it might stop other over eager noobs falling into the same trap I did :slight_smile: )

Still love the server :stuck_out_tongue:

All the best


Editing the weak elixirs to work at 100 is already done. They work at level 100 same as fluids, ultrums, ultras and mids, you have to be level 100 to use them regardless of class/reaper/tier. So yeah noob/idiot mistake, maybe Doyerbest should try harder to help his clan, if not just ask me in game.

Also, you shouldn’t be saving stats to get to 20, first and foremost is con to 25 than other stats depending on class. Only one stat you save for accel, stat levels ect.

I don’t remember if tier helps, but opal does lower requirement for weaks and what not.