Weight % and MR % going crazy

OK, I have not seen anyone post about this. There are random times while hunting that my % weight will jump to 100%. I could be fine at like 51% and even without a drop it runs up to 100% which sucks when you are in a daily because you cannot restart without losing the daily run. So, I have to drop stuff and try to get under weight to attack.

This weekend, I was hunting and took no items off and went from around 200% MR to 12% then taking off and putting back on pieces, I actually got to -12% MR. Very very random. Others said on global they had seen that before. Sucks when you are fighting something with magical attack. There is no appearance of a debuff or anything like that.

Very random, and very annoying. I have had the weight thing happen more frequently than the MR drop.

I have only had the weight thing happen to me once and it was recent, the MR thing happens all the time with sky castle buffs. They glitch out and it makes you have negative sky castle buffs(which lowers mr a ton!) when they wear off or soon after they wear off.

I only had the weight thing happen when unequipping or changing armor. Most of the time it would fix itself without having to restart the client. I’ve never had it happen while hunting though.

I’ve had the weight thing happen too out of no where in the middle of an instance. No idea why. Took maybe 20-30 minutes and went back to normal.

My pledge mate had the MR bug a couple days ago and he went to 12% mr or close to it.

Both are annoying one leaving you helpless, the other getting you instantly killed against a monster that uses magic…not that magic from monsters doesn’t kick your arse anyway

Also, ever notice the ac bug? My ac randomly fluctuates quite often…for no reason.

I’ve never seen AC, but tbh AC means nearly nothing. Now if it were DR watch out! :open_mouth:


I randomly checked my stats while hunting the other day and my MR dropped over 250% for no reason. Not sure how often it happens though. I’ll keep on eye on it to see if it happens again.

I will look into these issues, however I will say that some of them may be just client informational glitches and may not reflect actual changes to stats. When your MR drops are you seeing it drop with -stats or in the client information?

I have also had this bug many times, When it does happen I notice right away as the magic casting mops are very hard on me. It shows both my magic resistance and my stats being reduced considerably. It does show it with both client and -stats. I have noticed that if you just restart, don’t have to exit game it sets it back to normal.

and I would have -25 all stats along with the mr bug, (or simply negative sky castle buffs) so -25% dmg, -25 all stats, -% mr.

Zajako. They are definitely changes in stats as far as game play is concerned. I actually popped a savior bead fighting Cerenis in Aden with -12% MR. Yah, the negative MR is real. Stats even shows the same negative -12% or whatever it is showing on the client as I am getting pummeled by magic attacks.

Definitely hurts.


I see it using -stats. Also, the MR shown in the lower right of the spell selection box dropped from 250 to 60. But I think you’re right about MR not really changing because it didn’t seem like I was taking more magic damage.

With -12% MR an Orc Wizard could kill ya :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It really does change Breeze. Magic attack is crazy strong when the MR% goes nuts. Definitely not imagining it.

I believe you guys, I’m looking into it!

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Ok, so we know that weight%, mr, and ac sometimes gets bugged. I think the ac has to do with when you do the enchant armor spell and your ac is over the 128 that is shown on the client and when that spell wears off, no matter what your true ac is on -stats…reverts to 125 until you restart. I think this is the ac bug. As far as the mr…it might have something to do with the ancient onyx gem. I don’t know if it even affects mr, if and how often it might go off but I think when it wears off…it screws something up kind of like what happens to ac in my previous point. Maybe…maybe not but it’s a start for you zaj to look.

update to my last post Zaj, I think the spells Berserker and Iron skin also cause the ac bug for those with ac over 128…hope this helps.

I’ll look into the over 128 ac stuff to see how thats being stored and if its possible that is the problem.

the over 128 ac bug happens when you use -poly or -freecrack when 128 ac or above(it resets it to 128) so take off a piece of gear to put yourself under 128 before using -poly/-freecrack.

as for the mr/stat bug what happens to me is

  1. get sky buff
  2. log off with sky buff
  3. log in with stats messed up( not sure if messed up right off the back or when sky buff wears off after logging back in since I don’t normally check stats instantly).

If I remember correctly zajako made sky buffs stay even if you dc? If so maybe that is the problem as it happens to me 100% of the time if I log out with sky buffs.

I think you’re right about the rune buffs, I understand the problem with it now. I’m disabling the saving of rune buffs on logout until I have a solution for this. Of course I have to restart to have the disabling work.