Welcome to Vahalla!

The Gift Master has finally decided to retire with his old age. He has left you guys in capable hands however! A new shop town called Vahalla has been opened up, when you use -shop you will be taken here. If you must goto the old shop area, you can use -oshop to go there, however this new shop zone also supports /shop commands.

To take over the Gift Master’s job 7 new NPC’s have been given different sets of items to trade for your precious gift coins. From left to right (in the above image) they are as follows:

Callidora the Vanity Mistress
This lovely lady trades items of vanity, appearance or convenience.

Dasha, Supplies & Stuff
This lady trades supply and buff related items.

Damita the Doll Collector
This lady took over the doll merchant’s job of trading gift coins for dolls

Nozomi, Chance & Skill
This lady in red trades for items dealing in chance or boxes with random contents, including the skill book containers.

Zenos, Personal Events & Cubics
This mysterious figure trades for event tokens and the cubics that are gift coin related.

Yates the Instance Manager
This former guard has taken it upon himself to go into the field of magic! He deals in instance related items including the codex of time and instance refreshing passes.

Ives, Event Items
This young lad has all temporary event related items for trades of gift coin. Be sure to check his list often.

There are several other features with this new shop town, including a hidden bar to take a load off and enjoy the sights.

Other Changes
New Instance added, details on this instance will be posted tomorrow

Sudarshana Chakras, the Claws of Fate, now has a short 2 cell range aoe similar in nature to the pole arms, but with a much less damage rate.

Bug Fixes
Pandora pass icon missing should be fixed with a client update

When you start an instance with a codex, it will check to see if you are able to escape from that map before it teleports you into the instance. You can still use the codex to check your dailies as well as reset them.

When you use a codex of time to enter an instance, you and your party members will be ported back to where you were when you entered the instance.

The SXP gained from killing monsters in the Thebes instance has been increased to be more than the Orim’s Lab Instance.

Pole Arm style aoe’s will no longer steal health/mana from each mob hit by the aoe, only the primary target.

Pole Arm style aoe’s will no longer poison each mob hit by the aoe, only the primary target.