Where's the MR?

Anyone else notice the lack of Magic Resistance on items available? Not to mention 90% of the server population wears either a Warrior Cloak or Magi Cloak and that’s -56MR right there. Most of the end game items have 0MR, which for pve and pvp is a major drawback. Most monsters that cast magic do it insanely fast as well. Anyone with 1/2 way decent INT could easily debuff or destroy people to oblivion.

I only bring this up because it’s annoying as hell going to places that have magic and either dying (beads going off) instantly or having to spam VT & heal or xlites. 2-3 skaro mages kill me instantly. Its annoying AF.

Would it be possible to get some MR to counterbalance the strength of magic? The DR on the X items is great, but that only helps against strictly melee monsters.

Level 30 X Ammy:
WIS = 51MR

Level 30 X Sets
Fear = 0MR
M-Tree = 0MR
Arch = 0MR
Forest = 276MR
Legend = 48MR

Level 30 Guarders & [s80]
Kurtz = 0MR
DK = 0MR
Haunting = 0MR
Captain’s = 0MR

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Been asking the same thing for ages and the overall answer I get is too bad get bent.

Wear one or two wisdom x pieces. They’re the easiest x-gear to make, they give( at 30)…I think it’s 70-something mr, and around 66dr, and the elements that they add every few levels will help you hit harder (it adds more to your base damage than 1 of the relevant stat will).

The Wisdom X armors ONLY give +wisdom stats, no others. They are only easy to make because no one wants them and their mats drop exponentially more then any other X mat in game.

My point was that other X grade armors should have some MR added to them. They are end game gears and are missing an extremely vital component.

X wisdom gear gives Wa +1 or Wi +1 every few levels, which adds damage to your weapon.

That adds ELEMENTAL damage to monsters, and its my understanding it only effects monsters that are weak to that element (take a peak at how many monsters are even weak to elemental magic). Even if it adds damage to all monsters it doesn’t matter. Elemental damage on weapons is peanuts compared to the damage they actually do.

Plus elemental damage on a weapon does NOTHING to add to MR totals on your character :stuck_out_tongue:

Try seeing, using -debug, what does more damage on your typical melee weapon: one of those Wi 1’s, or 1 strength(it’s an obnoxious test to setup properly, but I’ve done it)? It’s not 1 strength. My arch wizard hat at 30 adds more base damage to melee swings than a 30 zaj helm (with the 2 to stats bonus).

Elemental damage sure as hell isn’t peanuts to the actual damage. My weapon does 2400-3600 a swing (not counting procs). 620 of each of those minimum swings comes from the elemental enchant of the weapon alone. Taking into account the elements from x-gear I wear, the elemental enchants are around (if not over) half the damage of the weapon!

Oh, and taking wind as an example, it’s the Wi 1 that adds to damage done, not the WiD 1, for when you go shopping gears.

weapons get 5x their elemental enchant + 25% boost if they have dark or holy added as their element. A weapon with 40 dark or holy would get a theoretical 250 damage boost.

All other weapons get 1x their enchantment (plus the possible 25%) so a 40 pearl bow (which I have) gets a theoretical 40 extra damage. AKA peanuts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m under the impression that X gears (weapons and armors) have hidden properties that add more damage.

My +18 lv30 pearl with 130 dex does nearly the same damage (100 +-) as a level 8 haunting staff and I’ve only got 80str when using the staff. Both tests w/ and w/o shots on.

Anyway idk about weapon damage and this post has deviated to far from the original.

Any ideas on items getting some MR?

Wow it’s like no one listens, I told you the answer is too bad get bent. Zaj WILL NOT go back and mod pre-existing gear “it takes away from time that could be spent on new content.”

So IF gear gets made with MR on it expect it to be some random new piece later on that will either be an impossibly low drop rate that will show up on 1 mob solely for the duration of 1 event or that will be handed out during some giveaway event for 1 guy to ever have.

That damage then goes through your tier(75%, or more, for most people), warrior cloak (25%), and probably haunting guarder (5%), for at least a 2.05x multiplier, then goes through shots (1.5x or a little more with a ruby), for at least a 3x total multiplier, which amounts to an actual boost of at least 750 damage. Like I said, I only get around 600.

The wisdom x gears, and they don’t give up any damage on a weapon unless you were wearing a zaj set already. They are damn good for a tanky person.

Oh I didn’t realize

Fear Items:
At level 30 +10/10Dmg +10dmg +8Str

M-Tree Items:
At level 30 +10/0Dmg +16Hit +3Crit +8Dex

Forest Items:

Elemental enchants on weapons have nothing to do with post.

I just tested fear and forest boots on a dummy, both at 30, using arch wizard in place of the forest boots, (since it’s virtually the same stats towards damage,) with no shots to get a more clear baseline of what damage is added before crits.
No shoes: 1400 a swing.
forest shoes: 1510.
fear shoes: 1624.

With and without the santa hat, the strength contributed 7 damage per strength, but the elemental enchants were doing a little over 9 damage per enchant. And those aren’t even dark/holy enchants.

So what, 7% less damage to be a lot more durable? If you don’t already have fear gear, wisdom x is likely an upgrade in both damage AND durability. If you did already have fear gear, you’ve got the hardest-hitting glove/boot/helm, so you want that AND no drawbacks?

Oh, btw,

nope nope nope

What’s your MR? Do you have vala gears? You seem to have a plethora of X grade gears so I’m assuming you have vala gears also. Or zaj earrings?

Using any armor sets besides the X Wisdom and MR is garbage.

I’d venture to guess most people have <250mr which is garbage.

And I see around 10%-11% difference when taking dex items off and replacing with others. That’s 40%-44% less damage for the total set. You’re example is 28% less damage.

Adding 1-2 X Wis pieces isn’t solving the MR issue either.

Adding MR to all X Armor Sets is the answer to the problem of MR.

And idk why kinda tests you a running, but DR plays no roll in magic attacks from monsters for me.

My fault, dr no longer appears to affect magic damage. Sorry about that, it did the last time I tested it

My example compared a single fear and wisdom piece. I have a hard time believing you did anything but pull 10-11% out of the sky about your dex items, considering how difficult it would be to narrow down the effects of the mother tree gear on damage. And I’m willing to bet you didn’t compare your dex gear against a comparable wisdom gear piece either. It looks like you’re just trying to barf up numbers to convince yourself, rather than doing a thorough-enough analysis.

How much damage does 1 mr over 200 prevent from a spell? How much does 1 mr over 300? 400? 500? Do some work, otherwise your complaint comes across as: “I have no idea why the good option is good for me, I just believe it sucks, so we must have no options, boo hoo.” If you don’t have access to a crazy gear or a 2012 bunny set to check these things, ask around.

+8 dex vs -8dex. a simple test. that’s what dex items give. putting a dex item on vs just adding 8 dex from items too.

i’m not gonna mid fuck a calculator all day long wasting my time deriving numbers out of a 20 yr old game. i just do 5 minute tests with the items i have. i see a 10% - 11% difference between wearing a dex item and not having on.

if you care to make a powerpoint slide show detailing you efforts at 301mr vs 401/201/101/501/601 etc. that would be great! I’m sure all of use lineage nerds would greatly appreciate it.

thanks for the hard work!

Rather than making changes to gear zaj could always add a stone that adds MR to an item much like elemental stones add elemental resistance. I think it would be useful for lower level players too that don’t have access to all different kinds of gear and the old bk sets.

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I’d be down with that 100%!!!