Why didn't the 5th scroll (of same element) of elemental beginnings work?

I am perplexed. According to the game guide 5 scrolls of elemental beginnings containing the same element can be used successful. The 5th scroll of the same element did not enchant successful when I used it recently. The situation was as follows. I decided to add Fire to my S/80 weapon. First I used a fire stone. This was successful, and the weapon became Fire 1. Then I began to use 5 scrolls of elemental beginnings (fire). After the 4th scroll the weapon was Fire 5. When I attempted to use the 5th scroll of elemental beginnings I got the message that that scroll could not be used on that weapon. Why? Is this because I had first used a fire stone? If I FIRST used consecutively 5 scrolls of elemental enchants (fire) would not the weapon have become Fire 5? Then by using a fire stone would not the weapon have become Fire 6? The weapon is now Fire 5 because I First used the stone and then the scrolls of elemental beginnings? That elemental beginnings need to be used before any stones are used is not clearly stated any where in guide.

That’s why they have BEGINNING in the name.

It is because you used the stone first. The scroll are only for the first 5. After that you must use stones to 20 then crystals above that.

If you ever have questions, ask in game. Most people will be happy to give you the info if there is a gap in guide.

I tried asking in game. And I tried asking you but you were not on. I disagree with “most” as used in your last sentence. And of course I bear ultimate blame for wasting a fire stone because , unlike most of the time, I was not patient enough to wait for some knowledgable player to be not afk, to have whisper on, etc. I appreciate you taking time to answer me on the boards. My best to you.