WHy non cdk is not liked by idiots

LOl chink sQQ’s about elf debuffs bt this is what happens without them and when he cant use cdk to gain the advantage

Speaking from non-pvp. Elf debuffs are way OP right now. I just goofed around with a low lvl elf friend and the elf spells hit me from 200-500mr and 25 level difference.

It needs to be addressed. I’m guessing it will get looked at soon though.

Its because elf debuffs don’t care about MR, to resist elf debuffs you need high dex and higher level to resist.

this has been stated in global many times but people never seem to understand that fact

100+ dex and 25 levels isn’t “high”? I think both should qualify.

depends on tiers too

Ehh it might, I just don’t think its that balanced right now. 25 levels 100+ dex and higher lvl tier and the spells still land quite frequently on me. I’m glad i don’t pvp cuz i would get owned hah! :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on what their dex is as well. 100 dex may not be enough if they have a lot more dex than you.

Watch out Allison, I’m coming to PK you! Do you hear the footsteps?

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