Winter donation

Can you win more then one prize or once you win a prize that’s it.

Donate with more than one char and you can win multiple times

Is one per account or character?

Its one per ip-address/person/household or whatever.

So no you can’t win more than one prize.

Really? Due to a name change last year I got 3rd and 4th prize.

Funny thing is, one gave $1700 and the other was only around $20.

On the lowest end prizes I have sometimes accidentally had some go through like that. However you were supposed to notify me if you won two prizes so I could award it to someone else.

Also as far as your donation numbers, that only goes to prove that I actually use random rolls. And while you may have spent a lot more and got 3rd place one year, only 4 prizes were awarded above 3rd place and while more money donated means more chances, it doesn’t guarantee any prize. If it did, then it wouldn’t be a drawing now would it.

As far as winning 4th prize thats, not difficult at all considering there are a large number of 4th and 5th place prizes.

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I won 2nd place before only donating 10$. YOLO