Winter Patch-O-Rama

With the restart yesterday a lot of changes were applied that were made over the course of the past month or so. I wanted to make sure you guys were aware of them. Additionally there was a new area added to the Underworld however it is not yet ready due to it being way too difficult. The good news is, the monsters from this new zone are still obtainable via the Underworld Soul Stone for your codex, so even though you can’t hunt these areas, you can at least still expand your codex!

Here are the changes applied with the restart:

  • Adjusted spawn on screen settings for a large amount of enemies in many hunting areas.

  • -site command now provides instructions if you type the commands incorrectly or just type -site

  • Fixed a bug that effected the bonuses of gaining max hp and mp on level up for Tier 6 characters

  • Pumpkin Juice now gives you a different set of polymorphs based on whether your equipped weapon is ranged or melee.

  • Added 2 new commands for NFT related benifets:

    • -nftboosts : shows the boosts to your character from NFT’s linked to your account
    • -nftowned : shows a list of L1.5 NFTs linked to your account and how many of each you have
  • Adjusted -stats to show an accurate amount of PEN and RES based on the formula boosts to these stats

  • Fixed a bug with Penetration applied in certain situations

  • Added new site options (

    • Block Drop Announcements : This setting when enabled will prevent drops gained by your character from announcing globally.

    • No Pickup List : item names in this list will not be picked up by your character and instead just be dropped on the ground. The item’s name must be exact, but not include (Blessed) in the name. One item name per line.