WOW Hilk, how the hell you manage this one?

I would LOVE to know how you plan on explaining this one Hilk/ChinKs/Capwne.

Probably the same reason I tele into skaro and there were event mops yesterday. It’s called a bug…

Client lag explains this. Its actually your client that is lagging.

I had no lag at all in skaro. I was chasing him while he was invis with -love going, I detect him out of it, then hes there, but I cant hit him. Right after someone said he logged on Capwne so I /who and hes not on so I whisper him and got the confirmed message. Dont see how lag was the cause. Not to mention I could move all around him. It only happened when I detected him from invis.

that lag made it so that you didn’t receive the packet saying he logged out. The server got the notice, sent the notice to you, but your client lagged and didn’t get the packet.