X-crafting matts

so i have started trying to craft x-gears by hunting for matts and have got quite a few but others i have none of. since the vitality box was changed there is no market for cheap craft items and its literaly imposible to hunt for all you need to make a single peice. i’m willing to spend 12hours 3months to get ‘some’ gears but right now as it is its so imposible even in 4months to ‘hunt’ for the matts. i know the golden cubic gives matts, but surely there should be a way to hunt for matts which is what this game really bout (hunt gather matts). some gears require 700 of something and that really makes me wanna cry.

i wonder how many x gears where crafted…?

Supposedly in Event Part 3 the zaj buzz will drop some x-mats. Not they will drop many I’m sure. The whole x-mat crafting needs visited. Especially since the bosses in the event are dropping absolutely horrible compared to last year. I’ve seen 10ish drops globaled since the start of the event, last year you could see 10 a day.

I would really like to know how so many were crafted also. I know there are some from donation events that people purchased. And it’s is POSSIBLE to get them from Aden Hero Chests, but really are people that lucky?

I used close to 1000 fragments from blowing some weapons and nearly 30% of the chests I got were Hero Comsulation Chests…those give 1 fuckin adena…they should be removed.

Hopefully in the near furture it’ll be looked at so people can grind (not 2500 hours) and make the armors.

A portion of the current X-gear on server came from donation contest winners. Another portion came from everyone having multiple accounts each with 4 characters with vit/gold boxes cranking out mats everyday. And then finally there are some who have grinded out the mats, I wanna say it was Fodder or another Sparta member linked having roughly 15k ancient coins awhile back.

I guess the Ancient Coins are a good point. Some are luckier then others too. I get an x-mat usually 1/10 coin,totem,relic I turn in. And as for the multiple accounts…I have 3 and my 2 other friends all have 3. So 9 total. And it took us 6 months + quite a bit of buying mats to make 1 X item, damned natural powder! :frowning:

i think you should be able to completely craft x-items through hunting for 5-8months (average gameplay 6hours/day). And true there should be other ways to do it like blowin up gears (but that is bugged too). i can see my self hunting mops with a full zaj set and not being able to do it ither way. plz make this work somehow. all the ways there ever was where through exploits…

why is it that every way there was to crafting has always been a bug or exploit, like ppl making more then 1 acc to get 200 vit coins on each char to get x-matts(mayb the right choice to make em 2kgc on each char). Then there is the way of blowin up items to get shards, where everyonw blows up smellin(s80) which is nograde and very easy to blow up, even if its just a soul item it was ment to be s80 and i feel like i’m exploitin something when i get shards. shure and buying craft items should make it faster to acquire. i’m at a point where zaj items are worthless and other ppl will soom get there too. i need my dr obove 250… the game worked well for me for the last 7months playin 12hours/day but it has stalled i’m through with zaj set and i feel like its a brick wall to get these x-items even if i work that hard for 3-4months for 12-16hour days. nearly impossible…

(edit the whole time i’m thinking bout spendin 3-4 months 12hours/day to craft boots glove but helm and armor might take 6-8 months if it could work someway. one time u ask me why newbs should have a boost like .07% for free??? its because ps has always been more fun then any game. some servers had a 1time item buy of less then $200 to get boost and it wasn’t a lil bit like that this is crazy… 5gc for ??/hour that 1$/hour… for .03%-.07% not fun not kool)

buy craft items and finding people with them is a posibility but why should i have to invest gc/adena on those when i already spend 12-16hours/day playin this game and should be able to craft those. i know some games take 1year to get to end game items but this server isn’t anything like that… some matts u have to go through a process of findin 5 .05 drop rate items to get to 1. wasn’t the drop rate for bunny ring .07 the first week?, and that gave +7all stats. wth…

isn’t the drop rate for keys like .02-.05 from mops and ppl makes thousands of gc doing that BS… i sell p-box 150gc that is nothing… crafting x-items is like 1000x harder then that…

i understand trying to control to the gc and adena and the market. i know some items where never ment to be to abundant. but why is zaj gears 7x more rare then last year. this year i spent 12-16hours for 7months and put the work in to get all the evasion scrolls. why… if u put in the work for evas or want to spend the gc on evas should b the same zaj gears drop as last year. zaj gears will prob go up 25% but the point is that they still atainable and dont make no diff. i knew newbs runnin around with zaj gears they coudln’t use for 1year already. but i’m not a newb and ppl needed the break everyone got the last 3years to get some gears ingame. ppl who have the evas and gc to buy those are killin zajakos now. i get 6zajakos every round now cuz ppl dont want to do them. but i’m doubtful bout wanting to do zajs cuz in the last 13days we only drop 2books 2helms 1 1.5ts 1zaj shirt and 3s80 weps. thats all junk… its hurtz cuz ive used 4k evas and thats 1.2k gc worth(i know other ppl who have spent that much too, atleast 3ppl, and nothing) and got nothing now i have all the zajakos to my self but drop shit how am i going to get a drop if with the whole server we got nothing…

Agree to everything posted above. Drops on the event mops need a SERIOUS reworking. A few people hunt the 5-10 Zaj bosses that spawn per hour and that’s it. I’ve quit doing it. Killed maybe 50+ forms/clones, used a few 1000 evades, and have gotten soul battery as the best drop.

Like the previous poster has mentioned most of the drops aren’t even worth getting either. The zaj gear is great and all, but market for that gear is horrid given the stat requirements (maybe new ppl will buy if not all 20s). The other problem with not being able to sell it is the minuscule rewards for A. lvling the gear up and B. having to spend GC (now in store) to blow it up.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of blowing some gears to get x-mats in return. From my own experience though it’s been a complete waste of time (lvling) and GC (not selling the lvled items).

Now I know there are ways to get items lvl 30 and enchanted high in 7 days time, but for an average player a lvl 30 item takes a month of hunting or more.

Looking forward to a rework of the x-mats :slight_smile: