X grade armor sets

Would be nice to see the X grade armor sets completed. The sets are quite imbalanced currently. It’s much harder to craft the body pieces, so they should have higher stats than the boots/gloves/helm. Also, Fear could use more +dmg, as Mother Tree set has the same amount of +dmg. Maybe even add a little bit of Dex? Arch Wiz could use some Wis or Cha, or something… more mage stats. Magic crit maybe? Idk, just suggestions. I know there was talk of tier 5 armors being created from the existing X, but they’re still rare and difficult to craft.

Also would be good to see Ancient boss armors updated.

The X Body Armor pieces are insane to craft! They are like 2 boots/gloves. Would be nice to see added stats for all the X body armors. And maybe even helm since thats like 1.5x harder then boots/gloves.