Yates Instance Sale! Underworld Tweaks!

Shop Changes
Yates is reducing the prices for all of the instances passes and codex of time for the next week or so! Take advantage of this to do dailies many more times!! Here are the new temporary prices during the sale:

  • Codex of Time: 200GC (Save 50GC)
  • Ivory Tower Instance Pass 7GC (Save 3GC each)
  • Thebes Instance Pass 5GC (Save 2GC each)
  • Event Instance Pass 15GC (same price, but now you can go in these instances solo!!!, so really half off!)

Ives has had his selection of event items reduced by some, easter items will be removed soon too.

Underworld Quest Changes
The summoned quest monsters have had their hp reduced by large amounts.
EXP and SXP has been added as rewards for killing the quest monsters.
As a reminder, the timer for the next wave of monsters also goes much faster when all monsters around the quest spawner are dead, so the quest goes much faster if everything is killed.

Pandora Event
New temporary event items are being added for pandora pass chances when playing Pandora’s Jewelry Game. Check it out soon, you’ll know the event items by the Rainbow Glow they have!

Other Changes
Dimensional Chest reward rate from completing instances has been reduced, Instance Keys and Mysterious Keys have been increased.

Ivory Tower and Thebes Instance passes have been added as possibilities of prizes when opening the instance chests.

Bunny items have been removed from the dragon breeding ground mobs.

Adena gained from the eggs have been decreased as well.

Talking Island has returned to its normal state

OK. I have to ask why? Why lower the dimensional chest reward? It seems, at least to me to be quite rare as it is. I don’t remember the last time I have seen it doing any of the first three, and when getting it from the Thebes, it is usually only one. I just don’t understand lowering drop rate of something that doesn’t appear to drop often.

Just my 2 cents.

Because it was increased as part of an event. Why should I end any event? Because then they wouldn’t be events…

Did not notice it was part of the event. Seemed pretty low compared to when it first came out during the prior event. Don’t take offense, just asking. Seemed to be pretty low occurrence then during this last event.

Wedding event = very high rate. Between IT (3) and Wedding (1) i seemed to come up with (from what i remember) 3-4 chests. Almost 1 per instance. Mind you I was also doing this on 3-4 characters (the IT portion anyway)

Since then I too had been getting 1-2 a day max. And that was doing IT (3) Lep (1) and Thebes (2). Was only doing 2 accts now and IT only on the 2nd.

Not that I can complain though. I got a zaj book and I’m quite happy with only getting that. Was a nice surprise.

The odd thing about Dim Chest room now to me is that I rarely find more then 3-4 possible chests in it, and when I do I’m lucky if 1 of those are a boss once a week. I kill me some Orcs though!!! :pizza:

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