Zajako cloak upgrade

Would it be possible to make zaj cloak worth something like maybe add another stat to it or something to make it actually worth using?

+5 stats and 30DR isn’t good? I think most ppl use warrior or magi I guess. I could see MAYBE adding 5% damage boost to it, but then wouldn’t other ppl maybe want the other zaj pieces boosted?

Where can you get this cloak? The site does not say. I guess it’s a zaj drop.

You can trade in certificates for it at one the NPC’s in warp 2, but you can only get the certificates as drops from the anniversary event boss monsters. Otherwise, it doesn’t drop from any regularly spawning monsters.

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Hi guys, I have been asking for this cloak to be upgraded for what seems like forever.

The mage/warrior cloaks are definitely better due to the damage boosts.

No I dont think the other Zaj items need boosting, if you look at them the stats are way better than the cloak over all.

There are a LIMITED number of these cloaks on the server, they should have better stats than an item that you can now buy for 100gc or less

‘Fodder’s 2 cents worth’