Zaken Update - The Devil's Blade Resurfaces (Tier 6 Release!)

New Hunting Grounds - The Devil's Blade

Captain Zaken was know for being a Legendary Pirate, feared by his sword skills and by his greed. His dogged pursuit of treasure led him all around the world and eventually settling on Devil’s Isle. His increasingly eccentric behavior caused him to lose the confidence of his crew, and they marooned him there.

In despair, Zaken turned to the forces of darkness, who gave him the power to kill and imprison the souls of all of those who betrayed him. He used these cursed souls over the ages to repair his ancient and legendary ship The Devil’s Blade.

Finally free of Devils Isle after many centuries of patience and planning he has set sail to Talking Island to recover the treasures he and his crew have buried over the years.

How to get there

The new hunting grounds located at the Eastern Docks of Talking Island. You can teleport to the docks from the game’s map system under Talking Island, then click the Devil’s Blade in the lower right corner of the map. You can then talk to the NPC named Ruth to teleport into the first deck.

This hunting zone is for Tier 5 characters and above and should be moderately challenging.

New Treasure Map System

Zaken’s purpose for coming to Talking Island is to retrieve his long lost treasure, so naturally with it being buried all across Talking Island, there were maps drawn up for where his crew buried it all. When hunting on the Devil’s Blade you will come across 3 different types of maps that are carried by the crew. They are as follows (Dodgy, Suspicious and Ancient Maps):

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Upon opening one of these maps, it will turn into an Opened Map:


Double clicking an opened map will provide you coordinates on the Remastered Talking Island map. You can get there via the in game map system. If you goto the coordinates specified match where you are standing, when you double click the opened map, you’ll unearth a treasure chest of matching rarity. You can see where your current coordinates are by looking in the bottom left of the screen above the exp bar. The chests you can dig up are as follows:

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These chests are locked and require a Pirate’s Key that is obtainable from pirates on the devil’s blade to unlock:


Once unlocked the chests become unlocked and usable to obtain Aztec Gold Coins to use for the T6 quest:

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Tier 6 Released!!

Zaken’s secret to immortality and power is related to concentrations of Mystical Ore that he dug up on Devil’s Isle centuries ago when he was still mortal. You can take advantage of this power too to forge a Revitalized Destiny and become Tier 6.

Tier 6 Requirements

  • Have Revitalized Destiny - T6
  • Main class level 110+
  • Sub class level 100+
  • Second Sub class level 90+

Tier 6 Benefits

  • Standard PvP Physical damage increased by 130% (+20% from T5)
  • Standard PvE Physical damage increased by 250% (+50% from T5)
  • Magic Heal Amount increased by 120% (+20% from T5)
  • Standard Magic Damage boosted by 140% (+30% from T5)
  • New Teleport Animations for Tier 6
  • Resets Omega Elixir uses to allow gaining more omegas by leveling up classes

Tier 6 Penalties

Upon becoming Tier 6, your main, sub and secondary sub will be de-leveled to level 1 and the exp penalty for leveling up is further increased to slow down exp gains.

Tier 6 Quest

Bellamy the quest npc is located on the East Talking Island Docks near the Devil’s Blade. You can talk to him to craft the required materials to create the Revitalized Destiny. The crafting recipe is a two part process. First you must purify Mystical Ore into Mystical Shards. After that, you must merge the Mystical Shards into the Revitalized Destiny. To do this Bellamy requires Aztec Gold Coins and lots of Stolen Whiskey to keep him focused.

[floatl][/floatl] Mystical Ore - T6 - The base item for crafting Mystical Shards. These can be found in the barrels in the Devil’s Blade.

[floatl][/floatl] Mystical Shard - T6 - The base item for crafting Revitalized Destiny. These are created using Mystical Shards.

[floatl][/floatl] Revitalized Destiny - T6 - This item is required to tier up to tier 6. You can use it with the help of Bellamy on the East Talking Island Docks.

[floatl][/floatl] Stolen Whiskey - Bellamy claims he works best after having a drink or ten. So he requires lots of whiskey to help you process your Mystical ores and merge Mystical Shards. You can get these from pirates on the Devil’s Blade.

[floatl][/floatl] Aztec Gold Coin - Certain properties of these ancient golden coins allow them to be used as a catalyst to purify or fuse mystical ore and shards. They are part of Zaken’s lost treasure buried throughout Talking Island. They can be unearthed via the treasure map system.

New Multi-Phase Boss Fight - Zaken

Defending the Devil’s Blade you’ll find Zaken and his first mate Anne Bonny. These forminal bosses will flee after you defeat them on each floor. Zaken gets stronger and stronger the deeper into the ship he goes and brings Anne Bonny with him every time he changes floors.

[floatl][/floatl] Zaken’s Spinning Blades - T6 - A skill that triggers a buff that causes zaken’s swords to assist you by increasing your damage by 50%.

[floatl][/floatl] Zaken’s Dual Blades - XR - Zaken’s trusty dual swords that he carries everywhere.

[floatl][/floatl] Zaken’s Captain Hat - XR - Zaken’s Trusty Pirate Hat

[floatl][/floatl] Zaken’s Heart Stone - XR - The heart stone that Zaken carries strapped to his chest at all times. It is said to be a reminder of his long lost lover that surely must have died centuries ago.