New Donation Packages System

There’s a new way to donate! The new donation package system is designed to provide bonus items for your donation and allow you to get bonuses at set amounts that are clear so you always know exactly what you’re getting.

Package Types (Categories)

  • Event - Usually focused on the current events going on or maybe very limited run packages that may come and go over time.
  • Currency - These packages have bonus amounts of gift coins or other possible items that are used to trade with npcs in the game. They generally provide more than what you would get from other forms of donations.
  • Codex - Items in this package are focused around soul stones or other possible items that would boost your codex functionality. There may also occasionally be rare soul stones that may cycle out with other soul stones in these packs.

Other package types may come in the future, I’m always open to new suggestions and ideas for what kinds of items you guys would want to get from donation packages.

Package Limits

Packages come in 4 different limit types that determine how many of each package you’re able to acquire in each time period, per account. These 4 limit types are as follows:

  • None - No limit to the amount of packages enabled
  • Weekly - This limit is usually between 2 - 4 packs per week and automatically resets each week on Sunday.
  • Monthly - This limit is applied to the entire month and will reset on the first day of each month automatically.
  • Ever - This limit means that you’ll only ever be able acquire this package this number of times. It never resets.

You can see the limit on the info page for each package.

How to use this system

You can find this new system by clicking the link on the left bar or by clicking on this link here: Donation Packages. On this page click on the package you’re interested in, read the details and see which items you’ll acquire, then click the donate button at the bottom of the page. This takes you to paypal where you can complete the donation and be taken back to a page that gives you the details on how to find your items.

I've finished donating, where are my items

Items donated via the package menu are delivered to your site inventory and prize claim windows. You can claim your gift coins in game by typing “-site withdraw x” in game, replacing x with the amount you want to remove. You can claim your items to your characters by going to Prize Claim.

Thanks as always for all the support you guys provide, I couldn’t do this without you all!