Valentine's Day Event - 2019

2019 Valentine's Day Event!

The Elemental Shirts of the Gods event returns! The God’s and Goddesses have sent their messenger to SKT with a message of their love. They want to bless you with their powers through enchanted shirts which can grant you their abilities. However all are not worthy, they require you to pass the tests and earn their powers. They have sent wands down to the planet scattered all throughout the lands unfortunately monsters have picked these up. So you must hunt monsters above level 60 to earn wands. These wands can summon their minions and if you’re lucky fragments of their spirits. Collect their shirts, tags from their minions, and much more and enhance and upgrade your shirts.

Event Details

Kill normal monsters above level 60 to obtain Elemental Love Wands and Greater Elemental Love Wands.

Use these wands to summon minions from each of the gods. These minions very in level and type. There are 3 types of minions for each of the 4 elemental goddesses. Lesser Minions, Greater Minions and Spirit Fragments.

Lesser Minions: When these appear, they spawn in groups of 1-5 and are random in level and reward

Greater Minions: When these appear, they spawn in groups of 1-3 and have an established level and reward

Spirit Fragments: These are fragments of each of the Gods and Goddesses. They are very powerful and have a large amount of health and healing regen. They should be fought with multiple friends.

Shirts can drop from monsters or from their Blessing of Love boxes. They can be upgraded from lesser to normal and from normal to greater as well.

Blessing scrolls which double your damage against the elemental event mobs while halving damage done to you from these mobs. These scrolls give a 2 minute buff.

New Items

Shirt Shopping Bag - This item randomly gives you an item used for enchanting or upgrading your elemental shirts. Click the link to see what items you may obtain from this box.

Shirt Limit Break Device - This item has a 75% chance to increase the limit for level ups for elemental shirts of the gods. This will allow your X grade shirts to reach up to level 40 and XR shirts up to level 50.

XR Shirt Upgrade Stone - This stone upgrades a level 40 +10(or higher) X grade elemental shirt of the gods into an XR Tunic of the same element. The upgrade however comes with a cost, your new shirt will lose all levels (making it level 0) and you will lose between 0 and 5 enchantments.

New Elemental Tunics

Using the new XR Upgrade Stones you can now create the XR Tunics. These have the benifet of allowing enchantment bonuses up to +20, as well as being limit broken up to level 50! These shirts also gain PEN and RES with each level, making them a very great source of power growth for new and old players alike!

New Tunic XR Shirt Enchant Bonuses

Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented un-equipping armor or weapons due to class or anything else.