Valentine's Day Event and new Holodeck Feature

Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I’ve brought back the events from the previous years as well as a new permanent feature that is in beta.

New Feature: HoloDeck (beta)

A new system has been added to allow private secure grinding sessions! When you enter the holodeck you can find the npc Gene the Holodeck Controller who will allow you to select which zone you want to have monsters spawn from. Monsters will then spawn within the room allowing you to collect drops, gain exp and sxp similar to as you would in the regular zone.

  • Drop, Exp and Sxp amounts are similar to normal zone monsters
  • Spawn Rates are usually slightly higher than normal zone monsters and don’t wait for you to finish killing a monster to spawn the next one
  • Monsters will despawn if you do not kill them fast enough
  • Hunting in the holodeck requires zone time specific to the holodeck.
  • You get 1 hour of zone time each day for this area free
  • You can add more holodeck time by using Holodeck Zone Time Booster - 1 hour which can be obtained from Yates in -shop at a discounted rate while the system is in beta.
  • Bosses can spawn in the holodeck if you are in the zone long enough. Currently the spawn rate is similar to the real boss and resets if you leave the zone or log out. This will be changed in the future to keep track of how long you’ve been in the holodeck and spawn the boss based on that or another method if I come up with a better solution.

As of the time of this post following hunting areas are supported by the holodeck:

  • Land of Beginnings (4 areas):
    • Goblin
    • Orc
    • Lycan
    • Undead
  • Blazing Swamp
  • Isle of Prayer
  • Sky Gardens (4 Areas):
    • Fire Zone
    • Water Zone
    • Earth Zone
    • Wind Zone
  • The Devil’s Blade (3 areas):
    • Deck 1
    • Deck 2
    • Deck 3
  • The Underworld (5 areas):
    • Resistance Tunnels
    • Under Wilds
    • Giant’s Grave
    • Lake Overlook
    • Menzoberranzan
  • Events (1 area):
    • Valentine’s Day

More areas will be added over time. Please provide feedback about this system as a reply to this post on the boards as I will be looking to fix bugs and add new features overtime.

Valentine's Day Event Links

Succubus Queen’s Revenge Points and Heart Weapon Event Details

MyL1.5 Heart Mini Game Details

Original Shirt Event Details

Later event with a couple tweeks to the above

Later event with the addition of the XR upgrade stone
(Thanks to @Warfare on Discord for providing the links to the previous events)

Recent Patches/Updates

  • Fafurion’s WaveAxe - XR has updated stats now, including stats for levels 41-50.
  • Swing Lag issues with Swords, Daggers, Staves, Two Handed Swords, Edoryu, Claw and possibly other weapons while using Pumpkin Juice polymorphs has been resolved causing all weapons to work properly.
  • Pumpkin Juice will now only polymorph you into a weapon appropriate sprite for your currently equipped weapon. (pending restart)
    *Lindvior Earring - X and Sparkling Brooch - X have been updated to allow limit breaks to level 40 with additonal stats added for these levels
    *Lindvior Earring - XR added to the game and is craft able by the Soul Smith Torok: L1.5 : Lindvior Earring - XR [Custom Private Lineage 1 Server]
  • New Reset Configs button added to the Account → Options page on the website. This will reset all item inventory locations and hotkeys. It should only be used in the event that you get a black screen upon selecting a character or if I recommend you to press the button directly.